It is based on the Customer Settlement System for tickets collected at the parking meter.
The way it works is the same as the charging system in the paid parking zone. Each customer, upon arriving at the car parks premises, is obliged to enter the registration number (in an alternative option - press a button) and take a ticket and place it in a visible place on the inside of the windscreen of their vehicle. If there is free time in the car park, the customer must take a free ticket according to the price list. If the car park is chargeable from the first minute, the amount that the customer puts into the parking meter gives the time parking at the rate set by the car park. Once this time is exceeded, the customer must pay a fee to continue parking. If the customer downloads the ticket again on the same day, the free time does not apply (not available for the option when the customer collects the ticket without entering the registration number). Failure to pay is subject to a surcharge (fine).


When entering the car park under Polish law, the customer must abide by the rules and regulations and pay according to the price list, therefore collecting a ticket within a maximum of 5 - 10 minutes of entering the car park. This is done at the parking meter after entering the vehicle registration number.

No Parking Fee

During parking control, if an employee discovers a vehicle in the car park without a ticket or with an invalid ticket, the employee will initiate the procedure of issuing a notification. In this procedure, the employee takes a photograph of the vehicle from several perspectives in accordance with the procedures and then scans the number plate using the controller terminal. The plate is transferred to a system in the Internet cloud and a ticket is printed for the vehicle in question, which is placed behind the vehicle windscreen by an employee.

Site marking

In order to make the customer aware of the fact that he/she is obliged to take a ticket, information with a short description and the rules and regulations as well as the price list for parking and finally penalties for not taking a ticket are displayed virtually everywhere. Signage will also be in the form of horizontal signs at the entrances to the car park area.

Fee validation (discounting) - optionally at extra charge

Each Owner or Facility Administrator has the option to purchase a panel with which to enter fee-exempt vehicle numbers into the system. The system can operate as a tablet with the appropriate application and internet access or as an application on any computer with internet access.


At the Parking Meter, the customer takes a PLN 0 ticket or inserts coins in denominations of PLN 0.10 (optional); PLN 0.20, 0.50, PLN 1, 2 and 5. When paying the fee, the display shows a clear indication until when the ticket will be valid. Once the transaction is accepted, the ticket is printed and can be paid behind the windscreen. The ticket carries a NIP number, which is the basis for accounting with the tax authorities. JIf the parking time has elapsed, another ticket must be collected.


  • Installation of a parking meter and marking of the site from own resources.
  • Employment of a Car Park Controller from own resources.
  • Collection of parking fees from parking meters and deposit into own account.
  • Payment of rent to the ordering party's account.
  • Issuance of fines, collection, correspondence with customers - the cost and revenue from this is at the Contractor's risk.
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