Urządzenie własnej produkcji

Device of own production.

It has:

  • power supply module
  • 4x20 LCD display/touchscreen
  • solar panel
  • GSM module
  • proximity card reader
  • thermal printer
  • coin acceptor
  • coin insertion sensor
  • automatic coin unlocking mechanism
  • intermediate cash register
  • piezo buttons
  • vibration sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • light intensity sensor
  • door opening sensors
  • cassette removal sensors
  • paper sensor
  • innovative controller

Optional equipment:

  • banknote acceptor
  • payment card terminal
  • additional batteries
  • dry battery
  • additional display
  • two hoppers for giving change

Remote Management System:

  • reporting of current emergency conditions
  • reconfiguration of equipment
  • notification of service technicians
  • generation of interim reports, statistics
  • access to the website
  • data from repurchase operations
  • available on the server in real time
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