At such venues we propose the Classic Ticketing System ON-LINE based on a concentrator (data server).
The medium of transmission of parking time information is the parking ticket. Fee collection is either unmanned or manned, depending on whether the system is equipped with an automatic cash register. An option for larger car parks with a high turnover of „short stay&rdquo tickets.

Entrance to the car park - Entry terminal (Ticket machine) - equipped with a ticket printer, Sensors (induction loops) recognise the vehicle. By pressing the relevant icon on the touchscreen, the device delivers a ticket. The barrier only lifts once the ticket has been collected. The barrier will be raised and the customer can enter the car park. When you leave the loop under the barrier - the system will close the barrier.

Manual Cash Register / Central Unit

Allows constant monitoring of the status of parking equipment. Allows reports to be generated, including financing one from the parking system.

It has the following functions:
  • Ability to view and report on all events in the car park. We can read the data in the relevant time frame as well as its content (emergency entries, barrier openings, subscription entries, etc.).
  • Invoice printing
  • Printing of emergency tickets, finding tickets, subscriptions, registration numbers, etc.

Automatic Customer Settlement

(at automated cash registers)
A customer with a ticket walks up to the Automatic Cash Register and scans it by inserting it into the appropriate slot. The system checks the date, time of entry and then calculates the amount to be paid according to a pre-programmed fee schedule. A customer who has lost or destroyed a ticket can print an emergency ticket using the appropriate button for the appropriate amount. When billing for parking, a confirmation of the transaction can be printed on which the relevant VAT amount, VAT ID and date of the transaction will be marked. With the exit ticket, the customer heads to the car and has 10-15 minutes to leave the car park. Once this time has been exceeded, the system will charge again for the start of the first hour of parking.

Cash Transactions - Customer pays with coins or banknotes and receives change in coins. Payments can be set up in two currencies. The device accepts PLN 0.10, PLN 0.20, PLN 0.50, PLN 1, PLN 2, PLN 3, PLN 5 coins and PLN 10, 20, 50 and 100 banknotes. Change is given out in 4 types of coin. Two types of coins go into reissue.
Non-cash transactions (optional) - by proximity card, chip card, NFC, mobile phone (optional). When the card is approached or slid into the marked areas and the pin code entered (transactions over PLN 50 or chip cards).
Manual Settlement of Customers (at the car park porter's lodge or at the customer service desk)
After collecting the ticket and staying on the premises, the customer should go to the Service Office to settle the account. The car park employee, upon approaching the ticket to the reader obtains information on the duration of the stay and the fee to be paid by the customer. Once paid for, the ticket is recoded as an exit ticket and is valid for approximately 10-15 minutes (element for self-configuration).

Leaving the car park - Exit Terminal

When the paid exit ticket is validated, the system checks the transaction and raises the barrier. Subscription card holders bring their cards close to the readers at the exit and leave the car park. When the sensor passes the barrier, the system automatically closes it.
The system can be expanded to include the option of pulling in tickets at the exit which allows for greater cleanliness around exits.

Ticket validation (optional)

The car park owner or administrator may reduce the ticket price or extend the free parking time. For this purpose, he can use the Central Unit and the scanner, as well as the Validator to which only selected people will have access. So that selected customers will have discounts or completely free parking.

Settlement of visitors

Visitors (conferences, VIP, hotel, swimming pool, etc.) head to the Car Park Empoyee after collecting their ticket. He chooses one of the discount options available to him and reduces the price of the ticket, or nullifies it completely. If the system is equipped with an Internal Ticketing Machine, the employee can print exit tickets with a specific validity, e.g. on the day of a conference.
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